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Viewer's Best Film of 2011 - ' THE SIDE WAY '

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Attention film makers :

Get yourself discovered:

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Create a short movie and you could attend the VIBGYOR film festival.

Here are the rules:                                                        

1. Limit the movie to the max of 10 minutes including

          Opening and closing credits

2. Each entrant can submit more than one movie

3. Submission must be not later than January 24th evening at the activity centre registration desk

4. Entry fee of 100 per movie to be paid at registration desk.

5. Shots picturising liquor consumption and cigarette smoking or any illegal activities which are banned by authority should be informed to ethical committee in advance.

6. Screening of movies will be done.

7. Any kind of vulgarity will not be entertained.

We give you a shot to showcase your piece of art and now it’z your chance to prove your hidden talent as a true film maker!

Mad angles

Here are the rules:

1. Photography restricted to  DC Campus

2. One entrant can submit two photos.

3. Entry fee of
20 per participant to be paid at registration desk.

For further information and any queries please contact

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